Sarsılmaz SAR9

Avant-garde, polymer framed & striker-fired 9 mm.

Sarsılmaz’s highly anticipated new polymer gun.  Its most important feature is the superior quality steel used in its barrel and slide for difficult conditions and heat treatment. It weighs only 780 g. The patterns on the side and back handles with three size options are laser machined.

Optimisation of the weapon’s performance and low weight has been achieved with small, shaped and precise sheet metal parts that require advanced production capabilities.

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Sarsılmaz pistols are manufactured using the latest technology with the help of the experience we have gained in the
manufacturing of modern small arms intended for marksmanship, police and the army. Our guns use a recoil-operated, self-loading mechanism with mechanical lock-up. Handling of your pistol is safe as it is equipped with the ultimate safety mechanisms including automatic firing pin lock, hammer lock, and safety. It offers precise detection of the target and firing thanks to the adjustable sights (may differ based on the model) and ergonomic grip enabling an easy aiming. Sarsılmaz pistols are available in a wide range of models including both double action/single action (DA/SA) and single action only (SAO).


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